So who am I and why the heck am I here?


Who I am:  Like every human being, I am a bundle of contradictions and complexities that can be labeled for convenience.   I am a white woman.  I am an urban Texan. I have Cerebral Palsy and chronic depression.  Politically, I am a liberal feminist.  I am a gamer and a reader.  I love to read YA fantasy.  One day, I hope to be a published author.

Why I’m here: At the most basic level, I’m here to write, both for myself and for others.
I need to write for myself for a few reasons.  I need motivation to write.  I need to practice my craft and be willing to receive feedback and criticisms that will help me see my flaws and improve.  I’ve always been captivated by and envious of great storytellers, so here I am trying to join those ranks.  When it comes to writing for others, my reasons are a lot more simple: I want to entertain.  I hope my fiction entertains you.  If it does, let me know.  If it doesn’t, I need to know.

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