*NEW* Longform Fiction Update 3/31/17


I created this blog as a place to post my writing exercises and flash fiction, but I also have four ideas for novels or novellas.

They are:
The Sinner of Mosskey (novella) – a fantasy romance about a man falling in love with a nymph, and the religious conflict this causes in the town.

Rising Tide (novel) – an unfinished NaNoWriMo project.  An illegitimate mermaid daughter of the king discovers  a plot against the kingdom and seeks help from a suitor in a neighboring country.

Unfound (novel) – a fantasy/detective story.  When a famous actress goes missing, demonic detective Quidaiba is hired by the actress’s family to locate her.

The Coup d’Etat (novel) – a knight’s quest for revenge is interrupted when the ruling family is overthrown and he must help the former prince establish a new life


Longform Fiction Update is going to be a biweekly feature where I discuss what progress I’ve made on these projects and how I plan to proceed.

I’ve decided to focus on “The Sinner of Mosskey.”  I’ve read quite a bit about outlining in the past month, and I think I’m ready to buckle down and try this.  My old notes could use some updating, but they’re seven months old, so that’s not surprising.

The notes for “The Sinner of Mosskey” contain the basic premise, some setting and character notes, and a skeleton plot blocked out.   There’s a lot of work to do, though.  The main character is the least developed one so far, which is a major problem.  Also, a few blocked out, pivotal scenes aren’t interesting enough for their importance to the story.  The scene that comes to mind as I type this is the first meeting between the main character and the nymph, Evelyn.

I’ll come back in two weeks with another update!  Let’s see what I can get done.


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