Longform Fiction Update 4/17/17


In the car on the way to the mall two days ago, I was discussing the outline of “The Sinner of Mosskey” with my boyfriend.  After a few questions, he asked, “Aren’t you just writing Swan Lake?  You even have a character named Odelle.”
“I’ve never read the story of Swan Lake.  I just know the basic plot and the name of a couple of characters.  Are you saying I’m subconsciously writing Swan Lake?”
“There’s nothing wrong with a retelling,” he said, “Just be aware that that’s what you’re doing.”

So I guess my next step is researching or watching Swan Lake.

I didn’t get to spend as much time outlining “The Sinner of Mosskey” as I wanted, thanks to the video game Persona 5 and catching a bad cold.  That left me about five days to work.  I’m working on the religious themes in the story.
My questions are as follows:
What gods exist in the world?
How do the Imperial gods interact with the pagan gods?
Do the humans have any misconceptions about the gods?
What role does Evelyn, a lake nymph, play in this religious system?

However, one question spun my plot to a grinding halt: Can Evelyn be injured, and what would happen if she dies?  What’s preventing some over-zealous villager from trying to kill Evelyn?

That locked me up for hours.  Multiple possible answers spun in my head.  Maybe I could work an assassination attempt into the main story.  If not, it could be a part of the backstory.  It seems like an inevitable event, so I need to deal with the idea in some way.

Back in two weeks with another update!

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