Everyone has a breaking point, even Elain


“Hey, do you want to know how Tony got that black eye?”
Alissa raised an eyebrow.  “Well, I wasn’t going to ask, but sure.  Did Darian finally sock him?”
Rory shook her head.  “No, it was Elain, believe it or not.”
“Elain!”, said Alissa.  She raised her head from her textbook.  “I can’t picture it.”
“I am not kidding!  It was at last night’s frat party when Tony started yelling at everyone.  You know what a belligerent drunk he is.  Elain tried to calm him down and he called her bossy.  She kept her cool until Tony poured the rest of his beer on her.”
“Fucking Tony,” said Alissa. “I can’t believe I wasted even just a month on him.”
“Elain finally came around.  They’re done.”
“Good for her.”

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